Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stitches Out

Yesterday was the day to remove my stitches... but I forgot until it was too late.

My first thought was to ask a friend. I went for dinner with my friends Debbie and Linda but neither of them thought it was a good idea to take out my stitches. I told them it was fine, Mike would do it if he was here... they kindly let me know that neither of them were Mike and couldn't bear the thought that they might hurt me cause the stitches were so tight to my skin. Fair enough.

Today I remembered to call my doctor's office only to find out she was booked up, which was to be expected. Really she is a very good doctor. I think this cyst thing was just... well I don't know what it was.

So, I resorted to ask a couple of colleagues if they would cut the stitches out. I mean I would cut out someone's stitches. Jane flatly refused and told me to take a hike. But Cyrielle finished my sentence before it was out of my mouth and said sure! She'd done it before... sort of. =) Hurray!! Now to find a sharp blade and a pair of tweezers... well we found a knife, disinfected it, but the blade was too dull so out to my car I tromped to find my leatherman. I haven't carried it on me for years now, not since I walked through the airport security gate with it on my belt. I no longer wear a belt through security either, most of the time.

We also borrowed Rich's leatherman so we had scissors and pliers for the procedure. It was a great success!! So to remove stitches at home you need one or two leathermans, alcohol swabs and a good friend. =) Here's a photo for the record.

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