Monday, November 3, 2008

Hunting Again

I had to write about hunting again because I had such a wonderful weekend! Although I don't usually hunt by myself I did make an exception. I still have to apologise to my mom for going out alone. I did carry a cell phone with me and was close to the farm house.

Here's how my Saturday unravelled...

5:20 drag myself out of bed after 3 hours of sleep following late night hockey

6:30 make sure I have everything I need for hunting... realize I am missing my gloves and rifle

6:40 get on the road and listen to another Hercules Poirot Murder Mystery by Agatha Christie

7:50 arrive at Mary's house and say hi

8:30 walk out to the muskeg and field to find a nice spot in front of a willow in tall grass to sit and enjoy the view

8:35 spot deer walking straight towards me and start to shake with excitement (I really need to work on delaying the shaking until after I shoot)

8:37 wait for deer to walk closer and am amazed that it is still walking towards me

8:39 shoot said deer

8:40 find deer, calm down and gut deer by self

9:20 walk back to house to ask if I can drive into the field to get deer

9:30 Mary, Ray and myself hop in their truck to get the deer together

9:45 take lots of pictures

10:00 hang deer with tractor - this is cool!!! skin deer

10:45 go hunt coyotes with Mary, miss coyote and scare others away

11:45 quarter deer

12:30 eat lunch care of Mary - YUM!!

1:00 go pick rocks for my garden with Ray and Mary

2:00 think about going back into the field after a cup of tea to hunt coyotes

2:15 guests arrive

4:30 lay down for a nap before driving back to Edmonton in daylight

5:30 wake up for supper before driving back to Edmonton in daylight

6:30 have one more cup of tea and apple pie before driving back to Edmonton in dark

8:20 get home exhausted with a deer to deal with...

Hunting at Ray and Mary's place was a real treat. And now I think I am done hunting for the season. I have some wonderful msg free garlic sausage and am contemplating having jalepeno/cheese smokies made up.