Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cookies 2

I am torn with the whole cookie rationing project. I have decided that 4 cookies a day is more realistic - 2 with lunch and 2 with supper. To be honest, I made supper last night, just so I could eat cookies. I was going to have popcorn. Really I wanted popcorn, so I may have that tonight. I'm eating leftovers so popcorn will be a nice change.

Why is popcorn so tempting right now you ask. Because I have a craving, I love good popcorn, and also because I am running low on frozen dinners. This weekend, I think I'll make some soups or stews or something and maybe grill up some meat strips for quick stirfries and sandwiches. I am still a pinch away from creating the perfect butternut squash soup. I have purchased ingredients again and am ready for hopefully my final try. My last one didn't work out, I think cause I added coconut milk. I like coconut, but the milk in soup tastes like stale beer. =(

Meal planning is an art that I was unluckily not born with.

Oh, and to keep you posted on dating... I've been on a few more first dates, but how do I say this. I am feeling downhearted; like perhaps some of my friends are right, that I'm destined to be eternally single. =( But really, I prefer my friend Kirsten's version. I just haven't met anyone at my level in the pyramid yet. Yes, that's it and as a bonus it keeps me motivated and my self-confidence elevated. =)

Thank god, cause no one wants a cranky, moody princess around!! =)

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I really like cookies. Actually, in all honesty it may be more of a passionate obsession. Regardless, it has come to my attention that eating cookies does not constitute supper; no matter how delicious they are nor how healthy they are. Now this may be self-evident, however, sometimes in between travelling, I forget what to cook, or I am tired, or . Cookies are easy and quick. But I've had to close my mouth and consider my health and jeans; I am no longer going to eat cookies for a major meal. I may eat popcorn, but from now on no supper means no cookies. I've been enforcing this lifestyle change for 7 days so far... I'm 7 for 7!! =) I am also trying to limit my consumption to 2 cookies a day... that resolution is so far 2 for 7.

I have found out hearty cookies, such as trail mix or nutty, dried fruity cookies, are an acceptable breakfast.

Thankfully this means I can still bake and freeze cookies. I am extremely relieved by this news as some of you know, I recently purchased my long sought after kitchen aid. I have used it every week, sometimes multiple times a week testing it on various cookie recipes. Delicious!! Yes my cookies are more delicious than ever. I think too, I started using stoneware to bake my cookies and I have fallen in love with stoneware for baking cookies. I need to buy a special stoneware pan for nut-free cookies though, cause I'm pretty sure that nut oil will stay in the stoneware, contaminating nut-free cookies. Now like the kitchen aid, the stoneware also involves some experimentation. My first batch were a flop, thankfully I made a batch on a metal pan at the same time and they didn't turn out either, so obviously it was my fault. =(

Lucky for me "A Few Spokes Short" holds an annual Pampered Chef party to fundraise for the MS bike tour in September so I'll buy a stoneware pan then. =) No worries, I'll send out an invitation to you so you can come to the party and I'll soon be sending out an email seeking your MS donations. Last year I raised $1500 and this year I'd like to match that goal, but I'll start with a goal of $1000.
And even better, now that I've started biking again, my inability to limit my cookie consumption to 2/day will actually be beneficial as I will no doubt require additional calories to sustain myself. =)

Hockey gear is packed and biking gear is already unpacked! Oh right, and my kayaking gear is about to be unpacked, once it gets a little warmer. =)

If anyone is interested in going out for a bike ride or paddle, call me.

See you on the trails, or river, or both. =)