Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Born in the wrong country

As one of my first attempts to get out into the dating scene, a few single friends and I went salsa dancing. I am really funny to watch salsa dancing, but I had such a good time I’m going again tonight. =) Now to find a clean shirt… hope my x-country ski gear is clean for this weekend… I’d better check.

Ironically, right after that I met a seemingly wonderful man online who likes dancing. He’s in Chile right now but wants to get together when he gets back in early March. And he wants to learn to x-country ski. And he loves mountain biking. I think I just fainted. Can this be another man who seems overly compatible with me??

There is a second man who seems very compatible, but I haven’t sent him a note yet as I am trying to weed out some of my lower interests first to avoid overwhelming myself. Yes this is ridiculous as he may get nabbed up, give me a couple of days, I’m just coping as I can.

Anyways, back to the born in the wrong country theme. I make empanadas de pollo last weekend and they were phenomenal, then I made another Mexican dish earlier this week, I’m dying to learn how to make picadillas, I speak Spanish, I watch Mexican telenovelas with a passion… and thus my colleague Carlos humorously proclaimed that he thought I was born in the wrong country. Wait till my mom hears that one. Mom, I love you and I’m glad to be Canadian. =)

Well I’m off to the library and then to dance.

Salsa Dancing

Just another Spain picture.

Well, with a new year comes a renewed sense of courage and energy for dating. I am currently trying online dating at Plenty of Fish and speed dating. Let’s start with the speed dating. I went to the zoo – cool!!! I have been informed the best time to go to the zoo is Saturday morning in the winter because the animals are sometimes out wandering the halls. Oh the perks of a small zoo. I haven’t been back yet, but I think it could be a good date. I’m not sure it is for everyone though; I heard one lady loudly complain about the urine smell… hee hee… it wasn’t me. =)

I had a wonderful time, but didn’t really meet anyone of interest. I did check yes to some names just to be… you know… a good sport. But now that I have to go on a date with these men, it’s a bit of a chore. =( My friend Wendy wisely advised me not to waste my time if I wasn’t interested. She’s right, I know she’s right. But I was trying to be, like I said, a good sport. Not to worry, I’ll spring back.

Now to online dating. WOW! I often have a good time there. There are three people I’m interested in and currently writing to. But one of them suggested meeting and I have to admit, my heart sank… why? I think perhaps because I have an image of this person and the reality may be different.

So my 10 dating goals in no particular order include:
1. Conversing with people I’m interested in.
2. Remembering to ask about their spiritual beliefs as I am pretty sure God is important to me and my lifestyle.
3. Finding cool (and cheap) events to do around Edmonton.
4. Praying that they bike and x-country ski or do something I really like.
5. Getting out to actually date in real life and not sitting in front of the computer.
6. Brush my hair and wear make up.
7. Judge people by their ability to spell.
8. Wear nice shoes, people look at shoes I am told.
9. Sacrifice sleep for dating, occasionally.
10. Be nice.
… well I just started this list two nights ago, I guess it needs some tweaking. =)