Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Square Dancing

I found a place to stay. I ended up staying with the chief another night. =) We had a great night!! We drove around for a poker rally and WOW!!! What a great time! I didn't win anything but it was entertaining to go from house to house. At one stop, a tent, we ate white fish right off the fire... some of it was raw, which was different for me. I liked the cooked stuff better. We ate just about a whole fish!!! And bannock, I love coming north to make bannock even though I can make it at home.

After we went back to the band hall for a dance and talent show. I square danced!!! I had such a wonderful time. Then these young girls decided that I was the coolest thing and wouldn't let go of me for the rest of the night. Weird. Still they were entertaining. For talent we heard from Johnny Cash, a Mexican, and Tina Turner. =) WOW! Everyone got right into the event. We were even voluntold to jig - it was a competition. I had no idea how to jig, but I hear I did okay. Today a number of people thanked me for participating in the dance and said I did good... looking around I can see why I was a bit of a spectacle, I was one of two non-native-out-of-towners in attendance. If I lived up here I think I would want to get involved in the entertainment. There's another dance tonight, but I'll be on a flight home. Would have been on one already, but I missed it. Oops.

Now to convince the client that our next meeting needs to be up here during carnival!! =)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ice Roads

I'm sitting here at the school in Wollaston, SK and the blowing snow has subsided enough that I can see the sun setting. I guess that would be west. =) It is beautiful here. I can also see people digging their trucks out after the flurry we had all day. I went outside twice and it was cold!!! I didn't wear my boots one time, but my slippers cause I was in a rush and forgot... whoops. It is a bit chilly here - I suppose it is close to the arctic! I went outside in my slippers accidentally... . I won't do that again. I wasn't wearing gloves either. Sigh. I obviously wasn't thinking straight. It is dropping to -30C tonight...

What a comedy of errors here. My travel was surprisingly calm. I made every flight, no bad weather. But when I arrived the hotel was closed. Thankfully I found a place to stay for the afternoon. I had a meeting, but only 2% of the people showed up - it was cancelled. Then in the evening there weren't enough rooms at the hotel so I was roomless!! Thankfully the chief invited me to stay at her house. I watched TV with her daughter. Now to find a place tonight... =)

Food is great. I am eating caribou... though today for lunch I had turkey, it was a like a Christmas in January meal. I love bannock with butter, jam and cheese. And even cooler! I road on my first ice road in my living memory today! I'll admit I had to squelch some nerves at the thought of driving over a deep dark lake!!! Yeah, I know the ice is probably tested and legally has to be yay thick... =) It was cool! And what a short cut! Mile to drive around a bay cut to half a mile across the bay.

Tonight there is a talent show in town and it is rumoured to be phenominal!