Monday, May 25, 2009

Dead Garden Part 2

The saga of the dead garden continues this year. Two months ago I tenderly planted some tomatoe and pepper plants and nurtured them to 1 foot high!! Last Wednesday I had an evening at home to do what I wanted... so after two months of having all these plants in my house I decided they had to go outside, plus it was in between two paddling weekends so seemed convenient.

Well as those of you in Edmonton know, Thursday there was a frost!! I swear, I checked the forecast before planting. Needless to say my squash, tomatoes, peppers and beans are now all dead =(.

But more than that!! I think all the shrubs in the front yard are also dead!! So now, I have a dead tree and two dead shrubs from last year, and now 4 more dead shrubs!! I may have to revise my front yard plans... anyways I do not have enough rocks for my rock garden yet, so maybe the front yard will be for next year. I think I want to turn part of my front yard into an extra parking space - so I mean paving stones of some sort.

The good news is that I can buy more squash seeds, and I have my pots for the corn - I just need soil for them. And I'm sure I can buy a couple of tomato and pepper plants at the greenhouse to replace my lost ones. =) So now, I just have to plant more peas and beans. I meant to do it tonight, but instead I'm watching "On Her Majesty's Secret Service." Perhaps tomorrow night. =)