Monday, September 24, 2007

A New Outlook on Dating

First, yes I made it back to Canada with my laundered passport. It is now invalid and I received many raised eyebrows and head shakes on my voyage through customs. =)

But on to more exciting news. I have not posted any dating news of late, mainly because I didn't have anything to say. I at times have a bad attitude, find my dates mediocre, pout, avoid dates, and in general fulfill the my princess nickname. I am after all looking for my knight in shining armour or I'd settle for a prince too.

I've tried Lifemates, Lavalife and Plenty of Fish. I don't think I really like Lifemates. Lavalife was fun; I met two people there but neither lead to anything. Plenty of Fish... well my neighbours were on POF so I was hesitant to join. For those of you new to the list, my neighbours are at varying stages of "player" and have all read "The Game". But, putting aside my fear I signed on and my god it was overwelming. I was on for 12 hours and received 20 emails; needless to say I still have unopened email. I chatted with a few people, told more to nicely take a hike and have met one person.

WOW!!! This person blew me away! His name is Martin, he's french, cute, confident, and christian. He added me to his favourites list on POF, so I sent him a note, with encouragement (Thanks Lesley), telling him he was cute. Our first date we were supposed to bring our mugs and meet up for drinks to take on our walk - I of course forgot my mug, even though it was my idea.

I had a great time!! Got home and was swinging on the counters telling Jen about the date. I was excited to go on a second date! And I had a great time again!! We played pool very poorly! Ate cinnamon buns at Southgate and then played Carcazone at my house - we spent over 7 hours together and we still wanted to see each other again!! It's like a miracle. We're about to go on date 3, but I'm not sure what we're doing. Even more impressive is that it will be 3 dates within a week... never have I gone on date with the same person twice in one week!! What's happening to me!?!?!

My flatmate and her man laugh at or with me quite a bit. I suppose it is quite a change, I blow-dried my hair, put on makeup, dressed in nice clothes (as opposed to going directly on a date after doing electrical work not so long ago - In all fairness I did brush off the drywall dust), tripped out the door, had to come back for a coat, ... and on it goes. I did remember to brush my teeth thankfully because I laughed alot. =) LOL. I feel very giddy and foolish. It's actually a good feeling - very interuptive at work, but good. I can't stop giggling either! Good gracious, you would all laugh to see me.

One date at a time. And he like x-country skiing and biking!! But I haven't told him about hunting yet...