Saturday, February 14, 2009


I feel as if I have horseshoes in my back pocket today. Why you wonder? I’ll tell you.

I was late for work, but I washed the dishes, emptied the garbage and recycling, watered the plants, except for the dead ficus – my second I am evidently not a ficus growing proficienado. What I’m trying to portray is that, although I was late-ish for work, I had a very productive morning, not to mention that I packed for another trip to Stony Rapids.

So my morning at work went very smoothly, had a wonderful jalepeƱo havarti on rye. I left for my house after lunch to catch a taxi to the airport without delay. Arrived at the airport and could not check in… well my flight was 1.5 hours late and I was going to miss my connection!! (Edmonton-Calgary-Saskatoon) Oh my, thankfully the wonderful lady at the counter booked my standby on the 3pm flight. I had just enough time to walk through security and get on the plan. Thank goodness I showed up early!!! Now I should mention there were six seats remaining and 9 standbys… and Murphy’s laws, remember Murphy’s laws. I enter security, take off my belt, get out my computer, put my eye drops in a plastic bag, put my banana in the bag too just in case, take off my coat and toque and scarf… ready. On the other side of the scanner I was randomly selected for a pat down!! AGAIN!!! I swear I’m going to start keeping track of the proportion of airport visits that result in my random selection for a pat down. But, thankfully the pat down was quick and actually I think I enjoyed it, it was almost like a massage… was that my inside voice? =D

I arrive at the ticket counter and low and behold there is room for me on the flight and I walk right on.

In Calgary I have to go the baggage carousel to pick up my bags cause they were not checked though due to my standby status. I found them no problem and headed to the check-in counter with some difficulty. At the check in counter they cannot find me and I experience a momentary anxiety until I remember, I have a 10:20 flight if all else fails and I can go to the Maple Leaf lounge and drink Baileys. =) So in the end I get another standby ticket. Off I go to the gate… at security I am somehow AGAIN randomly selected for a pat down… I need help here! I know it is possible but give me a break. I have to admit she did not do as thorough a pat down as the previous lady. Anyways, at the gate I find out I have to wait a half an hour before I can find out whether there is room for me on the flight. I hesitate trying to decide whether I should go for a Bailey’s or sit at the gate. In the end I decide to sit at the gate assuming I will most likely have to wait so I can spend the rest of the night drinking. Well I make it on the flight so no Baileys. Perhaps I don’t have horseshoes in my pocket. =)

In the plane, I fall asleep as usual, only to wake up after a while to hear the captain apologize for the delay but some of the passengers could not find the gate so their luggage is being unloaded. So an hour late, but in one piece and with all my baggage I made it to Saskatoon in time for supper and a good night’s sleep before I hop on a plane tomorrow for Stony Rapids. Now if I only had internet access to post this tonight. =)

Sweet Dreams.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane

I am writing to inform you that I am unsuccessfully balancing work, teaching, house renos, dating and socializing. As such, house renos have been put on hold, I am unprudently procrastinating in my marking and I have limited my dating to one person at a time. =)

I did encounter a valuable find on Kijiji this week. A lady was selling a bedside table, when I went to buy it she was also selling a couch, chair, desk, printer stand, shelf, 2 lamps and ... for $450. I have been looking for smoke/pet free second hand furniture for a long time!! It is much nicer than my current regifted set so I expect I will be harrased for putting it in my basement, but it fits better. And really I like my regifted set upstairs. Now I have to reassess the use of my basement, I had thought that I wanted to put my sewing down there... but now the couch changes things and I am contemplating moving the sewing back to the guest room. Yes, the more I think about it the more logical it would be. I mean something has to happen with the crafts! Right now there are a number of rubbermaids in my room and to be honest... it would be nice to reach my dresser and closet without traversing the equivalent of Mount Kilimanjaro each day.

I did envision painting the guest room... well now that it has a purpose I suppose I should get to it. =D

Back to furniture though. I am happy to say that my bedside table is no longer a plastic drawer unit topped with a square of sanded plywood for weight. Slowly but surely I will move into the adult realm of home funishings. As an aside, I do not want to sell my loveseats so I went online and there are a dozen or so organizations that accpet furniture to give to people in need. My only concern is that the loveseats are in need of a steam cleaning... sigh. Why does cream have to show the dirt???