Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Dating Faux Pas

I love kayaking. We all know that though by my frequent drops off the earth. Now, if I date someone, I think I'd like them to kayak too. It's only logical or we would never see each other. Well I am not dating anyone in particular right now, but I am taking time to get to know a few men better...

Well two of them agreed without any hesitation to take a kayaking clinic... they both signed up for mine... oops #1. Solution - thankfully I convinced one to join another clinic.

Every week we have a kayaking session where members can come a practice or socialize. This week, three of them will be showing up... oops # 2. Solution - I tried to get one of them to come to a Monday session where I will be running an intro session for a few students... he's going to the shooting range with his dad that night. Sigh.

I would like you all to keep me in your thoughts and no need to comment on reasons why I might be single still. =P

I hope you enjoy the irony of my situation as much as I do. TTFN

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Corn in Pots

Well, I completed my first year of growing corn in pots. I even chose a short season corn and what do I have to show... senescing corn. They looked pretty when they were green, but now they are not. Didn't even get one ear of corn. Oh sigh.

Next year I will grow sunflowers in the pots. I think they will be happier. The corn I discovered is high maintenance, needs fertilizer, and water. I know water!!! Just kidding, I did water the corn, but I did not fertilize.

In fact, I still have to bring in the garden!!! I was going to do it this week, but now I'm travelling to Stony Rapids. I know, you're all surprised to hear I am travelling for work. Trust me I was surprised too. I have not travelled since February. Should be a good trip. Just getting everything together. Thankfully I didn't make any plans so I didn't have to bump anyone. =)