Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Zucchini and Beans

I planted a garden this year. And it is green!! Mostly because the zucchini I planted all sprouted and migrated around the garden!! HOW!?!?! I don't undertand. And my beans... I can only find 2... I planted 9!! But wait, what's this weed I just pulled!?!?! HOW did the beans get into the strawberry patch!!!

These seeds aren't just migrating a few inches!! I have three garden boxes and the beans were not planted in the one with the strawberries!! They had to jump garden boxes to get there. I suppose I could have stuck the sprout back in it's proper place... But back to the story, the beans migrated 4 feet!! How is this possible.

And my lettuce!! Only 4 plants are growing??? Sigh. I suppose I should be happy to have a garden. The seeds were old afterall... In hindsight I should not have pulled all those extra zucchini plants... They would have filled in the bare spots. =)

On the bright side, my potatoes seem happy and have effectively taken over. In fact, I am now worried about my peas, which are in the shadow of the potatoes. Whoops!! =) They're still growing. Half my strawberries are happy, and my carrots seem to be okay. I am not sure about the tomatos or red pepper plants, but they are blooming.

I am realizing I put the garden too close to the fence, I would like an extra 6-12 inches to move along the fence... it's not such a problem that I'll dig the garden up this year, but I've added it to my 5-year plan.

Now the big news!! My saskatoon mini-trees planted along the back fence are still green... so I'm assuming this means they are still alive. They don't really seem to be growing, but maybe they are too wet... I'll cut back the landscaping cloth tonight so they can dry out in between waterings. Really, Saskatoon berry trees should be like weeds!!! I am too impatient I suppose; I just want them to grow to their full potential right away. Last night I did see one berry on one plant =) I'm such a proud parent!!

Happy gardening. =)

A big thank you to those of you who have already sponsored me in the MS bike tour and who donated items to the garage sale. For personal pledges I've made it to $750!! Just $250 shy from my $1000 goal. As a team we are aiming to raise $25,000 this year and we are well on our way. We are still accepting donations so if you haven't donated yet and want to here's the link to my pledge page

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sex and the City

A few years ago I was drawn to watch "Sex and the City" episodes on TV because a number of strangers I encountered commented that I reminded them of Charlotte from the sitcom. I was unsure how to respond, being unaware of this Charlotte, thus I started watching every episode of Sex and the City I could find for about two years. Of course, I watched too many episodes in a short period of time and wore myself out. With the release of the movie, again strangers renewed their comments on how I reminded them of Charlotte.

Of course being a previous "Sex and the City" sitcom addict, I had to see it. I loved it. And now I find I want to watch any episodes I missed. I love the clothing and shoes and hairstyles. WOW! Shush to all of you silently sending me vibes to do more with my hair! It's cause I wear toques for half the year and helmets for the other half!! And as for my clothes, I have improved my style considerably from frumpy to fitted over the last few years.

After watching the movie, I can see there are certain similarities between myself and Charlotte. And now that some of my friends are making remarks about my similarity to her... I am wondering whether it is a compliment... I will take it as such =) I know my friends mean well.