Sunday, October 26, 2008


I am sure you are all wondering about my hunting habits. This blog is to enlighten you. =)

Carefully placed footsteps echoing thunderously on crunching leaves.

Sharp eyes scanning for the elusive doe...

Until they glaze over as my brain starts to think about a picture I should take for my blog and how should I write...

I had a wonderful day last weekend. You can all admire me in the picture... if you can see me =) I'm below the orange hat.

I spotted a deer from 200m down a pipeline and proceeded to creep along the edge of the forest quieter than the dozen voles I spotted. After about 100m I could no longer see the deer and thought they had run off... buy my pal Rich was still sitting where I left him... so I kept going. Finally I stood up to take a better peak and stepped on the loudest twig of the day. Up popped a head 20 meters away... Rich could see me and the deer in his binoculars at the same time. WOW!!! Anyways... I hesitated... I've never taked a head shot... needless to say I startled it and two others... =(

My heart racing from the excitement I turned back to meet up with Rich. I had a good time.

I did shoot an 18 month old deer and had some wonderful garlic sausage made up at Victoria Meats - they don't use MSG!!!

Ecologically Minded

I am watching the history channel and it is telling me what would happen to earth if all the humans died... it is very interesting.

It is sad the number of animals that would initailly die. Pets trapped in houses, pets hunted by packs of dogs, domestic fenced in livestock... They say that the last reported serious dog packing was after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Large zoo animals may be okay as they can escape once electricity fails. But they will need to migrate south to find sufficient food and not freeze come winter.

But in the long run, the Eiffel Tower will rust and collapse. And although the Statue of Liberty's skin is copper, its skeleton is iron the the arm holding the torch will detach from the shoulder and fall to the ground to be admired only by the local wildlife.

The spillway of the Hoover Dam will eventually erode and fail and the power of the water rushing down river will supposedly demolish any dams blocking the way to reach the ocean and allow fish to once again swim upstream.

Oh... and the spent nuclear waste stored in buildings for cooling will heat up after electricity fails and evenually cause an explosiion spreading nuclear waste and killing surrounding life... I missed how long it will take to recover.

But without all our body heat, the temperature of the globe is supposed to decrease!!! WOW!!

Eventually the show says we will have another ice age in 25000 years and any remains of the Statue of Liberty will be wiped out.

The good news is that in the end the earth will clean up after us... by degrading anything degradable and burying everything non degradable... though it will take a really long time.

So if you want to leave a mark... put something on the moon as most artifacts and craters are preserved there. =)

Oh right... but what struck me is my admiration of stainless steel, which is long lasting so I won't have to replace my cookware... environmental I thought... well it will still be around centuries after I die!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Blind Date

Okay, I have a cute, happy story. The photo is of me at work. Notice the sign in the background =)

I went biking with my friend Val on Sunday and she had just bought a new tire pump. Well needless to say it came without instructions and we thought we set it up right but it didn't work. As I have become lazy and don't carry my biking bag at the moment we did not have another pump. But there was this guy across the parking lot who looked like a serius biker so I went over introduced myself, explained the problem and asked if he had a pump we could borrow. Of course he did but the offered to look at Val's pump first. He was cute, had a beautiful smile and was a friendly biker. WOW!!

So after biking, his truck was still there so I left a note...

"Thanks for your help today Chris. If you're single and interested in going fot a hot cocoa call me... =) Nicole"

Well he called me later that day!! WOW!!

Turns out he loves hot chocolate. So we talked a bit and I found out that sadly he was not single. But he was flattered by the note and thought if I was brave enough to leave a note, that I might be brave enough to go on a blind date with one of his friends... ... OK. So he told me a bit about his friend... single, never married, no kids... he sure knows the words that warm a woman's heart. =)

I'll keep you posted. He still has to ask his friend if he's interested in going on a date with me.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dating Blunder

You'll be happy to know I went on a date with someone new last night. Here's what happened. He suggested we go for a bike ride. As he was picking me up and I called him to let him know I was ready, there was really no excuse for me to be late or not ready. So of course I was ready. He showed up and was surprised that I was ready and said, "Don't you want to have a drink before we go?" Of course, how silly of me. =)

So we stood out on my deck drinking water and watching stars. He pointed out the Big Dipper. I geekily replied, "Actually that's Pegasus, not the Big Dipper. You can tell because... The Big Dipper is hidden..." In hindsight, telling him he was wrong the first time we met was probably not the brightest idea I have ever had. But really who wants to live with the misconception that Pegasus is the Big Dipper?!!? What would you have said!?!?

He also really doesn't like plants. =(

Cheers. Next date with someone new is on Saturday night.