Friday, April 27, 2007


What a joy! This birthday I am spending at NAIT taking a web server for windows course. I know, I know, you can hardly contain your excitement at my luck and wish you could spend every second hanging onto the professor's drone with me. Fear not, I will gladly re-enact the weekend to Bach's Piano Concerto No.1 in D minor with an oboe accompanyment. Tickets are limited so please sign up now.

But it will be good for me to sit in a class. I am signed up for 3 esri gis courses and have yet to start them after 6 weeks. There are just so many other things to do. This class starts in 1 minute!! I'd best get prepared. I'm thirsty and my lips are chapped - how will I ever concentrate with such irritants?

And in reality, I will be celebrating my birthday on a number of occasions so I shouldn't complain. Wednesday we had cake at work =) Saturday I'll have a bbq, cake and a movie with a couple of friends. May 11th we're having a girl's pizza, movie and pool party!! I think it will be very exciting.

But birthdays are a very good excuse to get together! What other day can you justify eating so much cake without any guilt.

Ha Ha! And thanks to Nik and Jim I have some wonderful princess pink duct tape!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I think dating may be an art form. Either that or a cruel form of self-inflicted punishment . I have mentally and emotionally evolved over the last two years that I've been attempting to date. Yes, it has been drastic enough to be evolutionary. It's hard to gauge success as there is an amazingly large learning aspect that has to count for something!! I still remain happily single, busy with all things unfortunately not conducive to dating. Mild glitch, I'm working on it.

In the beginning... I was alone... (Surprisingly I still am. ha! ha!) I mean, I was reluctant... well perhaps extremely reluctant to sacrifice my hobbies and activities to go on a date. Now, I can't say I am any more willing to make a sacrifice, BUT I do leave more nights open to the possibility of dating. And then it all collapses and I am booked solid for two weeks straight. =)
I was brave enough to invite a beau to a few events with friends... Nothing like a night with friends to (a) reveal my true, yet seemingly outrageous date expectations, (b) bring to my attention all the flaws of a date and (c) reveal my actual comfort level with my date. But you know, it's okay to meet a nice guy and get to know each other; it doesn't always have to work out. Perhaps next time.

However, after meeting a wonderful young man with whom I have tons in common, one would think I should snap him up. I guess I just haven't figured things out yet. My one friend told me that I should watch out or I'll get bad dating karma... but I think you have to meet and date different people to meet the right one sometimes, and it's not like I'm being mean, I don't think. I know some philosophers say we are inherently evil, but after years of councelling I thought I had become a nicer person. =)

Perhaps I am too romantic at heart, but every princess deserves her knight. Oh right, in Shrek the princess needs to be rescued... why the heck did I become so self sufficient?? Oh right, I got tired of waiting for prince charming. =) I love myself!!

Well, I just made rice krispies squares so perhaps I'll eat lots of them to make me feel better about dating... or perhaps I'll eat lots just because I really like them. =) You're right, it's the latter, cause I don't really feel bad about dating today.