Friday, May 23, 2008

Not Dead Yet

Well surprise, surprise... my friend Linda and I inspected my tree last night and found 3 buds leafed out during the day. I guess my tree is not dead yet... I think I'm a bit sad. If it's alive that means I have to find a new home for it... I'm encountering an ethical dilemma here and will have to contemplate plant rights. Thankfully I have the whole year ahead. =)

How about a dating update. I think I have a positive outlook right now. My friend Wayne encouraged me to just go on lots of dates and forget about exclusive dating... not that I often make it to exclusive dating mind you. =) I went on a date last week with "M" and guess what!?! No - we're getting together again - he has a wonderful smile, is caring, is a workaholic, and has a great sense of humour. I'm going on a date with "D" this coming week and I know not much about him yet, but wish me luck... making a mental note to read his profile again before meeting. Oh and a few weeks ago... okay months ago when I took my communication course with Skillpath, which was really just a motivational talk, I met this guy "J" and we were calling each other and then I went away and didn't call him back... Well he called me the other night saying it's been a while give him a call... look at me I'll make it to that recommended 1 guy for each day of the week!! =) Just kidding.

My friends Natalie and Wendy recommend I date a kayaker and I'm all for that if I can find one who is single with a beautiful smile and is interesting and smart and... =) I did meet two really cool guys in Pincher Creek, but ends up one is married... why God why?!?! - he spoke spanish, and kayaked, and had a beautiful smile... sniff... sniff... The other also super awesome, but a bit young. Oh well. =) I'm dedicated to paddling as often as possible in the sun this summer. =) Yes, I am a fairweather paddler. In fact people are paddling the Red Deer River this weekend - what, 60 minutes tops form my mom's house but it's going to be raining... I can't get wet... I'll melt... =)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Drug Testing

You will all of course be relieved to know that I passed a drug test at work last week. WOW! Was I ever relieved. =) Okay, I know, I didn't really have anything to worry about.

This past weekend I started kayaking again after a 20 month absense because I hurt my shoulder in hockey. 6 hours of travel each way and I only paddled one day before my body said, that's enough!! =D Good lord I'm old. Tonight I have yoga scheduled so that should help get rid of the creaks.

But on to better news... I have started biking to work... I think this is old news cause I included it in my MS fundraising email. Thanks a bunch to you who have already donated, your tax receipts should be arriving shortly. My mom chastized me because I told her it would arrive after she already received it. Oops. =)

And sad news... =( I will not be able to start my stone patio this weekend due to complications with the weather forecast. Instead I will head to the farm to do some electrical work for my mom. Hee Hee... I am such a pro now. But this break gives me more time to dream about the front yard. I thought about rearranging it to improve drainage... by improve I mean terrace the yard so that moisture is evenly distributed to the plants instead of creating the drought conditions at the top and the swamp at the bottom. I have to admit I felt a little anxious about the plants in the front yard, but figured that one more year would be okay... well one more year is irrelevant now - half of them died =(

I know it is a travesty!! The silver lining though, remember the silver lining... I did not like my tree in the front yard and I wanted to rearrange the shrubs... well, now I get to choose my own tree... I am open to suggestions for ones that have living leaves for a good part of the season. I'm contemplating Snowbird Hawthorn or Oak. Now I have time to plan... I will need my drafting book for this one, it's complicated. And as for the plants... those that grow... well they get bigger.