Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Shocking Truth

I really love doing elecrical work. However, I still have a ways to go. I'm stumbling with a tricky 3-way switch, but I have a couple of friends who are anxious to mediate the situation before the confict escalates. I am very blessed. =)

On the bright side, this past weekend I wired the last room in the basement, the current pantry/future bathroom; my first GFI!! =) But as usual, altough I tried to be so careful with the breaker panel... I hit the test button on the bedroom plugs and didn't notice until getting ready for bed... flipping it back on was a tad tricky... my brute force gene just didn't kick in.

But no worries, that is minor compared to what I did next. I was careful to turn off the breakers and I know not to touch the back of the panel... I didn't turn the panel off... and what should happen??? Right I touched the back of the panel, but it took me a while to register the bite of the electrical current... actually it feels sort of cool. =) The picture is how I image I would look after shocking myself.

And now I am learning to drywall and I don't really like it. I like the end product of drywalling, but I don't like the fine dust that is hard to clean... I prefer sawdust. But I'm only drywalling the laundry room to start so I'll give it a fair chance. On Thursday I am hoping to start taping and mudding. I hear a very thin coat of mud will mean very little sanding. And in hindsight I watched the drywaller patch up my garage and I think I can do it, it wasn't really very much dust. But that might be a result of the small size of the patch... hmm...

So you can guess my holiday plan =) I'll be starting every day for the first week with the laundry room. But of course, I have a socializing to do. I have plans to make bulk meals for the freezer, baking, a couple of parties, cross-country skiing... so I think I'll be pretty busy. =) I'm spending the Christmas week with my family and then a week of nothing at all if I can help it. =) I know, I know, you're placing bets. I will probably work on small projects, but I think the laundry room may be enough of a big project for one holiday.

Oh and by the way, I am single again. I am maturing in my dating though, and am looking forward to my next chase =) Oh wait... by chase I mean mutually interested relationship.

See you soon - and no I haven't writen my Christmas letter... umm... so it may be a New Year's letter. =)