Saturday, November 21, 2009

About Mike

Finally the blog to tell you about Mike!! Fear not, I will not leave you hanging for another two months.

I just want you all to know creating this timeline was an enormous task as I was trying not to know how long we'd been together so I didn't have to worry about that terrible 6 week stage when I typically crash any relationship!! But for all of you, I had to step up and give you your story. Here it is...

May 20th, 2009 - Mike and I met at the shotgun range. He was with his friend Lee and I don't think I knew Mike could even talk for about a month. Thankfully Lee was there to talk for all of us.

I went out to spend time with Mike and Lee, but I often skipped out cause I was too tired from my kayaking bender and also wanted to visit friends. Mike's friend Lee did call from time to time to encourage or nag... not sure which... me to come out shooting.

September 2nd, 2009 - I emailed Mike to ask about something Lee told me.

September 9th, 2009 - Mike and I agreed to meet at the range to practice before trap night. (Lee takes full credit for this as he was out of town and told me to call Mike.) We had a really good time!!

September 16th, 2009 - Mike and I met up again to go shooting. I pressured Mike to come kayaking with me. I think he’s a pretty cool dude.

September 21st, 2009 - Mike came kayaking with me and he was really good. We're looking forward to paddling this summer. I tactlessly turned down Mike’s invitation to go out for a beer after kayaking cause it was my bedtime. Really who the heck goes out for beer that late at night? Not sure if he likes me yet.

October 17th, 2009 - Mike came to a wine tasting with me. I thought he wasn't going to come because he had to wear "business casual" and working on the rig, he told me he didn't wear or own those type of clothes. Well being a stubborn Taurus he couldn't shake me that easily so I called to tell him we were going shopping after work, only to find that he was already shopping. =) I thought perhaps he liked me. I was glad that he went shopping cause I was tired so I laid down for a nap before hockey. The wine tasting went great! I drank too much and in the end couldn't decide what bottle to buy so I just linked arms with Mike to steady myself for the rest of the evening. (He liked it.)

Anyways, have to tell you about the end of the night - Mike found me sitting on a chair... may have been talking about him so my cheeks could have been burning. I joked that it would be wonderful if he would bring the truck around so I didn't have to walk. He pointed out the door and replied, "That truck?" WOW!!! I just laughed - he's a keeper.

October 22nd, 2009 - Mike, Kirsten and I went to the Strathcona Haunted Ghost Walk. Still not sold on whether Mike was interested in me or not, I thought I should invite him out again. =) I surreptitiously linked arms with him and Kirsten so I could casually have a reason to touch him. It worked well and Mike took the initiative to hold my hand. Yay!!!

October 23rd, 2009 - I had the day off so Mike and I spent it together talking. Oh and he drove me to my flu shot and took me out for lunch and cupcakes and he doesn't even like sweets! We agreed we were interested in each other. I let him know that I was spoiled with my work travel so I never open doors or pay for food and I only drive occasionally. If he thought I was a spoiled princess he never let it show. But we did have to argue about opening doors. I haven't driven since, but I do open some doors, and we split food bills.

We also discussed "what is dating?" and I'll share that in the next blog.

October 26th, 2009 - We kissed - okay Mike kissed me and then I kissed him back and I really liked it.

October 27th, 2009 - We agreed to spend time together exclusively (and I was supposed to dump all my other boyfriends).

October 28th, 2009 - Mike met my friends Mark and Chelsea at their weekly bible study kick-off party. Mike let me know that he wasn't really interested in going regularly cause he's illiterate and wanted to do other stuff with me. But he did reassure me that if I wanted to read to him I could and if I wanted our kids to go to church he's okay with that too.

October 31st, 2009 - Mike and I were supposed to meet up to hang out before going to my friend Scott, Carrie and Virginia's place for Halloween. Well, Scott was working so Mike and I agreed we would take Carrie and Baby V grocery shopping together if Mike came back in time from shooting or just me if he was late. Well he was late so I took Carrie and we planned to only be an hour... two hours later Mike called to see where we were and we were just on our way to the grocery store... we had to shop around for fake eyelashes!!! =) Honest to god, Mike found this endearing and laughed - thank goodness because I think it happens more frequently than I'd like to admit.

Halloween was awesome! And Mike even scored points cause he brought extra candy which was much needed when we ran out!!! My only concern is that Mike is getting all the awesome boyfriend points and all I do is arrive late. I guess I should be thankful he likes my cooking. =)

November 5th, 2009 - Mike and I agreed it's okay to be boyfriend-girlfriend.

November 10th, 2009 - Mike insisted we've crossed the line and are dating. This is so embarrassing, but here goes... I had just come home from visiting my mom and dad and what should I get? A painful pimple on the back of my neck where I can't see it. Mike saw it and screamed, "What is that on your neck?!" Oh the shame. I befuddledly responded, "I don't know a zit or a hive, I just got it this morning and it hurts!" Unfortunately for Mike he asked if I wanted him to pop it. My eyes lit up at the thought that Mike might be a kindred spirit and like popping other peoples pimples!!! (Okay this may be an exaggeration, I only do this for special friends.) So Mike took out his gloves and safety glasses and was all geared up for the process. The irony is that he did pop it - I just about died from the pain, but didn't want to be a wimp - and part of it hit him in the forehead, just above his safety glasses!! So much for keeping himself sterile. Oh god, I'm laughing too hard here. And thus Mike decreed that we were now officially dating. =)

November 16th, 2009 - Mike and I were both out of town working and I called him everyday and talk for about 40 minutes; the highlight of every day last week.

This week I'm back in town and he's still away for another two weeks. Now we talk for over an hour every day... I miss him alot.

I have a plan though - "My Missing Mike" therapy plan - I have lots of things to do around my house and friends to visit so I'll just keep busy while he's away. I'm good at that, plus my tv misses me so I may have some much earned couch time to catch up on. Today I have work to do for teaching at Augustana in January and laze around, tonight I'm going to a shooter party, ... and lots more. =)


Anonymous said...

OH you made my day!!!! I LOVE it! ALL of it!

I LOVE the pimple story, hilarious! He is a keeper for sure now!!!

Who can ever say, "we met at the range"??????? That's the best :)

I can't wait for more installments. Please let there be more installments!

Love you, Kel

Anonymous said...

And jeepers, you've been holding out on this since May????? 6 months lady, that's 6 months!

Anonymous said...

nice pimple story......LMAO thanks for giving me this to read. It's good to catch up.