Friday, November 20, 2009

Resolution of the Dating Faux Pas

Well after two months I am happy to say that my dating faux pas is out in the open and resolved. In the end, that extremely good looking young man who ditched his dad to come kayaking on Monday evening with me, won my heart. His name is Mike and we're officially dating and I've put in my vacation request for next summer to Prince George or Whitehorse... it sounds promising.

I will admit that it was a tad stressful and I have no intention of putting myself in said position again. There were a number of nights that two of them showed up to the pool and really, it was awkward for me. Enjoyable to my friends who knew what I did. Glad you could have a laugh at my expense. =)

Thankfully I was honest with Mike and told him about my poor judgement cause he's also extremely smart and found my blog. I tried to find my blog and couldn't!!! How could he just find it on his first try!?!? I was somewhat shocked as this is my private journal to all of you!!! But then he confronted me with the question, "Were you just going to keep it a secret from me?" To which of course my jaw dropped as that was not my intention, it had just not occurred to me yet that it was something I should share with him. Well crisis averted, Mike still likes me and is enjoying my blog... I am feeling rather exposed though as I try to remember everything I've written about in the past... I suppose if it was important enough to tell you, I should tell Mike at some point... the bright side is, he'll read about it, so I don't even have to remember. =)

Mike, material published on this site can in no way be used against me in any manner - it's in the fine print.

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